YesAnd Productions

YesAnd Productions was founded by Heather Arnson as a creative endeavor to produce and direct multi-media projects that tell the stories of ambition, impact, and complex narratives. 


Now embarking on its second full year, YesAnd actualizes narratives that empower, question, and investigate, challenging the limits of single-genre storytelling while elevating stories of intellect and passion through quality execution.


YesAnd’s projection for growth is to be a hub where its projects inspire invigorating connectivity for its collaborators and audiences alike.


Below are some of the projects that YesAnd Productions has made manifest.

Here's to the Ladies Who... | Documentary, Multi-Episode

"Here’s To The Ladies Who" tells the stories of the women working on the business side of Broadway (and beyond), how they adapted during the Broadway shutdown, and how they helped relaunch the industry. Through interviews, first-hand accounts, and behind-the-scenes footage, this seven-part docuseries is a celebration of women in theatre.

Filmed over four months, across five time zones, two continents, through masks, through Zoom, covering the expanse of the unbelievable highs and lows of this global pandemic.

Through the breadth and depth of stories told here, this series gives voice to those who have given voice to so many others. Not simply a document of what has been, but an inspiration of what can be.

This is a living library- A testament to our times, as told through conversations with 100 women working in the business of theatre.


In their own words.

This is both a look at legacy, and a call to the future.

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Heather Arnson | Writer, Director

Broadway Women’s Alliance and YesAnd Productions | Producer

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