My artistic focus is on the relationships of people - with themselves and each other.

I am most curious about what makes people tick; what bonds them to others, what releases them.  I strive to explore this in the work that I direct, hence most of my work stemming from subject matter yet to have a voice or that is just emerging to a more comprehensive and dynamic understanding. My curiosity in the raw and unpleasantly beautiful human condition is apparent in the types of plays that attract me.

I tell complex, often troubling, always honest stories. With humor.

I have always been drawn to universally resonating, theme- and character-driven plays; often with a political slant, often set in a familial scenario. Whether that is politics of the body, politics of man(kind), or even politics of language. I have a preference for minimalistic yet innovative sets that incorporate the use of negative space, and I love silence (silence as the absence of sound and the absence of movement). It is a blend of these elements that I use to sculpt the rhythm of storytelling. These characteristics, my passion for exploration, and drive to push the boundaries of what is considered the norm are ever-present in my work and in how I engage with my collaborators in the room.

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Heather Arnson (Director): Selected. New York:  Beau (Associate Dir), Seat of Our Pants (Assistant Dir., The Public), Right Before I Go (Director, D.C.), Fellow Travelers (Assoc. Dir., Bay Street Theatre), Your Title Goes Here  (Playwright/Director, Robert Moss Theatre and Theatre Row), The Wolves (Assistant Dir., Lincoln Center), Right Before I Go (Associate Dir., Town Hall); with playwright Julie Richardson: Life & Other Disasters, Legacy, Light and Shadow, and On the Rocks (Director); at Gallery Players: Understanding Lear, Blind Faith, Outpost, Winter Flowers, and The Tie That Binds (Director); at Barrow Street Theatre: The Permanent Night (Director). Los Angeles: Elizabeth: Almost By Chance A Woman by Dario Fo (Director), WASP by Steve Martin (Director), The Whole Shebang by Rich Orloff (Director). 

Other Selected Credits: A Public Reading…Disney (PSM, Sarah Benson, dir., Soho Rep.);  The Hamilton Mixtape by Lin-Manuel Miranda (PSM, Thomas Kail, dir., NYS&F); Business Manager - Soho Rep., SDCF Observership Class, 2009-2011, 2017-2018. Newington-Crosby Fellowship. B.A. UCLA - Theatre.  Proud Associate member of SDC and member of AEA.